Pet Slots

There are a lot of stupid pets on the flower girl's farm, and they greedily eat a huge amount of glitter coins. God, it’s their chrysanthemums exploding, use this pet machine to save them...

The classic gameplay of slot machines and playing cards has a new subversive experience!
1. Slot machines, stud, cards, placement, hang-up, RPG, casino... yes, these elements are all there.
2. Collect legendary pet cards: drop, enchant, synthesize, decompose...
3. Challenge the endless level, big digital big bang!
In the middle and late period, the pet's life value is as high as a few P (1×1015). Different cards are combined with various elements fortunately, and the damage is up to several hundred T (1×1012), cool, exciting and novel.
4. Collect Spade/Heart /Club/Diamond and buy magical items
5. Built-in multiple sets of poker games: guess the king, memory master, instantly change the fate.
... Everyone will play the game, really no one has ever played, experience it!

Broken Space!

In a quiet and deep super-dimensional space, geometries with specular lighting, floating over, faster and faster, a precise projection, breaking them into pieces, will bring you fascinating, visual and sound double pleasure!

4 scenes are in total in this game, with 16 geometric dimensions and almost one hundred geometries. You can both break it one by one and concentrated explore it. Geometries have following 7 colors:
White: Normal geometry can be broken up in any way;
Energy Geometry (Green): Increases 5 projection opportunities;
Explosion Geometry (Red): Fuse all the geometry in the scene (thus saving projection opportunities);
Slow geometry (Purple): greatly reduces the flight speed of the geometry;
Double geometry (Yellow): double the next 5 chances (double effect can be superimposed);
Clean Geometry (Black): draws all geometry in the scene (does not count the number of geometry kills);
Stubborn geometry (Gray): can't be broken normally

It's not difficult to simply pass the geometric level, but if you want to get the supreme high score, you need to use these colors very skillfully, and hit the color geometry as much as possible in order to get a huge and extra combo reward.

After the passing 3-star of the geometry level, there are still higher challenges waiting for you: Yellow 3-star> Purple 3-star> Red 3-star, you can't stop.

Living in an impetuous earth, you may need to enter a quiet and lonely geometric dimension, and your troubles and exhaustion will be completely broken up in the Broken Space!

Ninja 2048^20) These digital cards are madly projected from the screen like barrage, and you need to cut these digital cards quickly with your sharp eyes and nimble fingers.
At the beginning of the game, only 2.4.8 are unlocked, and the largest digital card is cut more than 10 times to unlock the lower level (8 goes to16, 2048 goes to 4096).
At the same time, a perfect cut will be unlocked immediately (a perfect cut is a small difference in the area being cut), which is the key to win
If you have nimble fingers, plus a little luck, you will get millions of legendary high scores.

Hit & Goal

Yes, it’s very easy. Just put your ball in the goal!
Goal mode only has 60 seconds, lightning speed + accurate power control, put the ball into goal.
Mission mode: elaborate design + abnormal design. You need perpetual try to pass the level (it is difficult to realize high-challenge goals whose videos play in Youtobe).
Pursuing higher goal double hit times and the bonus points will increase at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, there will appear some fantastic props. You fall it in, you will obtain gorgeous awards.
Have Fun, without finger cramp!